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You Know Your A Nerd When…

Posted by Jason on November 9, 2008

* Going to bed early is 1:59 am

* You have to move your Coke cans out of the way to get out of your “office”

* You can’t wait for the next copy of “Wired” to come out

* You haven’t met any of your friends “in person”

* Your family and friends always come to you for their computer help

* You know Linux isn’t Snoopy’s friend

* When your wife calls you to see if you want to go out for dinner and you reply that you’ll have to check your BlackBerry and get back to her

* You list Klingon as your second language on your census form

* Your signature includes an @ sign

* You can recite pi past 3.14

* You’re constantly correcting people about the difference between hard and floppy disks

* One of your kids is named: Egon, Riker, Anikin or Neo

* You can watch your favourite TV show on your way to work on a portable device you own

* You’ve uttered the word “n00b” in anger and with no one around

* Sleep always loses out to a fatal system error

* ipconfig /renew is still resident in the F3 buffer on your keyboard

* You know what the F3 buffer on your keyboard is

* If checking your email requires you to log into 4 or more websites

* You wake up with an earache and a broken Bluetooth earpiece between your pillows

* The combined output of the LEDs glowing under your desk exceeds 3 LUX

* You know how much electricity it costs to run your home server per second

* Your monthly ISP bill has a section for bandwidth overcharges every month

* You can post a blog entry while sitting on the bus

* A wipe and reload seems like a fun idea!

* Your friends only invite you to a barbeque when their computer is stuck

* Your computer is worth more that your wife’s engagement ring

* You can’t do without at least two computers at home

* When your girlfriend feels you are cheating on her with your computer

* When you want to finish your World of Warcraft dungeon raid instead of going to bed with your wife

* You read hardware catalogues to relax

* Everyone immediately turns to you when their computer acts up

* You spend more time with your computer than with your best bud

* You go shopping for something for your computer

* Your main concern when on vacation is whether 3G is available

* A mouse is a human created utility, not an organic form of life

* Relaxation = Sitting on a couch trying out beta software

* One of your greatest forms of joy is to see your newly built PC boot into your favourite OS

* You take an ordinary can of air and turn it into a musical instrument

* “Flashing your RAM” is not an obscene gesture

* You get BlackBerry thumb

* You’ve memorized BIOS beep codes

* Someone mentions root, you don’t think of a plant

* You can code in more languages than you speak


9 Responses to “You Know Your A Nerd When…”

  1. leann said

    you know YOU’RE a nerd when. NOT you know YOUR a nerd when.

  2. rsvr85 said

    God i am a nerd!! lol

  3. Eric said

    A few of those got me, but most of them weren’t very true for me.

  4. superguy9000 said

    Yeah, you got me for most of those. I always like posts like these.

  5. Well I don’t think I am fully there. But I have done a few of those.

  6. Abhishek said

    Funny article. That was great. You mind if I put it on my blog. Will surely place a link to your post.

  7. p@r@noid said

    You haven’t met any of your friends “in person” lolz true.. Everything is done online 😛

  8. technogran said

    I don’t quite answer Yes to all of these, but the majority fits me like a glove! Cripes! Not only a Geeky Gran but a Nerdy one as well!

  9. Kyle Webs said

    you know you’re a nerd when you’re coming up with a list to prove to people that they’re nerds.

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